We are Sports Network Live

Sports fans are eager to cheer on their team every chance they get. Sports Network Live can deliver that opportunity and brands want to be apart of that.

Who we are.

We are a team of sports fanatics and event operators turned video and sports marketing industry professionals. As a partner of one of the nations oldest sports promotions companies in the country we discovered a need for sports live streaming and sports event sponsorship and have invested in this technology heavily for nearly a decade.


We have a dedicated staff on hand who is able to help design custom event graphics and video promotions of your event. From custom lower thirds for the broadcast to "sports center" type openers and commercials, we can handle it all. Get in touch with us for an estimate.


We have worked with the biggest brands in the sports world. Our database of sports brands and relationships allow us to help event operators create engaging opportunities for brands at your events. We have dedicated event sponsorship staff ready to work for you.


We have a dedicated staff with professional journalism experience that can enhance your events broadcast and digital presence by doing on-site interviews, pre and post game or utilize our 450 sq ft production studio to produce on-demand video content for your organization.


Social Media is a powerful tool to utilize to grow your audience and we work with nearly all of the social platforms daily. Knowing how to best promote your broadcast and event will ensures engagement and growth.

How we work.

1 Evaluate.
We sit down with you and evaluate your desired outcome, event layout, infrastructure, audience reach potential, monetization channels, and your organizations national or regional social media footprint. We take all this data and put together a detailed event broadcast and sponsorship activation plan. Once we have determined the best option for your event we propose a quote for service and come to terms.

2 Perform.
We put our plan into action. Our team works with yours to ensure our custom video player is embedded on your website or we use a platform such as Youtube. Event promo videos are published and distributed via various promotional channels including social media. On-site promotional material is generated to notify participants and fans of the online broadcast. And we produce a professional broadcast of your event for the world to see.

3 Evaluate.
Yes, we evaluate post-event. This evaluation is different. In this evaluation we take a detailed look at the broadcast and sponsorship activation's and dive into the analytics of the event viewership and on-site engagement. These analytics will let the event organizer and sponsors know exactly how many people watched online, where they were from and how long they watched the event for. This type of information is extremely valuable for operators to use for monetization of their broadcasts.