Sports production video professionals are in a unique position to know how the next generation of television technology will develop. It was sports programming that led the way through the last technology transition, from standard definition to HDTV. Early in that transition, sports enthusiasts and sports bars paid a premium for HD screens and access to programming. As the transition gained steam, the limiting factor became the number of HD sets sold because without an audience, the new format would fail. During the ensuing years there were two events that guaranteed retailers record breaking sales of HD televisions: Christmas and the Super Bowl. Sports early adopters will lead the charge to the next form of enhanced television as well. Clearly, when sports production professionals have opinions on the subject of technological advancement in broadcasting, it’s more than casual speculation. After all, their work in the industry could well set the standard for others to follow. By asking sports production professionals, for example, what format they would use to build a facility in three years, we can gain tremendous insight into which way the future of TV production formats will go.

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